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Share of Search is a business leading indicator for every modern marketer. It is a fast, accurate and powerful tool to analyze and predict your market share by comparing the search volume of your brand and your competitors.

Share of Search
Why Share of Search?

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Say you are a car manufacturer. With the data of all searches within your market, the share of search metric clearly and precisely shows the development of your brand’s search volume compared to other brands in the field.

This not only provides you with relevant data up to now, but you are also getting a priceless metric that is a leading indicator of your future market share. This is proven by various researches showing that when share of search goes up, your market share tends to go up in the months that follow, and vice versa.

About Share of search

Is it relevant for my business?

This metric has provably a broad applicability across the market covering business all the way from the car or cell phones industry to energy. Therefore, it is highly likely that it will have a huge benefit for your business marketing strategies as well.

What exactly is Share of Search?

Simply put, it is a metric that expresses how many searches of total search volume in a given market your company holds compared to your competitors in the field. The formula reveals the fundamental principle of the metric.

Share of search formula

Leading indicator of market share

When accumulated over time, the results of this metric become a powerful tool for predicting your brand’s market share aprox. 6 months ahead (see the figure below).

Share of searches is a leading indicator

source: EffWorks Global 2020: Share of Search as a Predictive Measure

Les Binet’s explanation

Les Binet is a recognized marketing expert working in the field for several decades now. Lately, he introduced his research on the potential of share of search to predict market share proving a direct correlation between the two and substantiated its reliability and usefulness. He believes that this metric is becoming extremely useful for businesses in the context of our digital society of the 21st century, and we believe it, too.

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